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Oil and Gas Equipment Continues to be a Prime Target Among Thieves

Theft is getting out of hand in the Oil Patch and it’s costing victimized companies millions of dollars in replacement cost, lost operational time, security and investigational manpower and higher insurance premiums. Oil and Gas equipment theft is a $1 Billion Dollar problem in the State of Texas, alone. Some industry experts estimate losses to exceed $10 Billion Dollars annually, nationwide. Everything in the oilfield has value. One drill bit may be worth $100,000 and fit in the trunk of a car.

Professional and amateur thieves prey on the oilfield due to the remoteness of a well site and the valuable assets available. These assets are easily sold and in most cases sold in close proximity to where they were stolen. Many career thieves actually take orders for specialized equipment. Oilfield theft usually occurs as a result of it being an easy target or worst of all it can be committed by a trusted employee.

Oil and gas field theft should be of concern to everyone in the industry. Whatever the motivation, theft is a crime and when it occurs in the oilfield, it can have dangerous and deadly consequences should oil and gas storage or transportation systems be tampered with.

SVI Security Solutions specializes in oilfield security and has developed surveillance solutions and asset protection and recovery solutions for operators needing a wireless video alert and tracking system. The SVI system utilizes cellular technology to send an immediate alert and video directly to the end user’s smartphone for viewing and tracking.

SVI Security Solutions has developed a Wireless Video Alert and SatTrac Tracking System which immediately alerts users of active intrusions. Let us help you solve your theft problems today.

Construction Equipment Theft

constructionsitetheft Theft of construction equipment is a serious problem for the construction industry.  According to the National Equipment Register (NER) estimates of equipment stolen annually from construction sites range between $300 million and $1 billion.

The above totals represent the value of equipment stolen.  It does not take in to account all of the indirect costs, such as interruption of business, rental costs, project delays, and lost of production time.

Theft of construction equipment continues to rise.  According to Insurance Services Reports, thefts are increasing at a rate greater than 20% annually.

The high frequency of construction equipment theft, and the very low recovery rate of stolen equipment, is attributed to the following conditions:

  • Construction sites are often in remote, poorly lit areas
  • Security at construction sites is often lacking
  • Off road vehicles and equipment do not require titling or registration
  • Equipment is identified only by Product Identification Numbers (PIN) not by the 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Many mobile equipment manufacturers use common keying on their equipment (a single key  fits both the cab door and the ignition for each model they manufacture)
  • Many contractors do not have a good inventory of equipment they own
  • There is a high demand for construction equipment and parts
  • There is usually a delay in discovering a theft
  • Law enforcement has limited resources that can be dedicated to equipment theft investigations

Utilizing tracking devices will help in recovering stolen equipment.  SVI is offering a wireless battery operated tracking device that can be easily deployed.